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4 Easy Small Business Blogging Tips to Fuel Record Growth in 2017

January might have some chilly weather, but it’s no time to go cold in your marketing strategy. For startups and small businesses now is the time to heat up your marketing efforts. The most cost-effective way to do that is with digital marketing—in particular, blogging. Small business blogging can set you on a path to success this year…. but, where do you start?
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Outsource Your Business Blog: One Way to Get More Sleep

If you own a business, you know what sleep deprivation means. Stay up late, get up early…whatever it takes to keep things running. There is always too much on your plate—and now you’ve added a blog to your to-do list. Whether you’ve already added one or are thinking about a business blog, taking the time to do one has hefty benefits to your business. A few weeks ago, we wrote this post about some of the reasons you should start a blog. We aren’t the only ones singing blog praises everywhere—here’s a Hubspot article with a few more reasons, like driving traffic to your website, converting that traffic to leads (hello, customers), and helping to establish your authority as a leader in your industry. All of these are wonderful reasons to start blogging now. The even better news? The post you write today could still be generating SEO and new customers days, weeks, even years from now. The returns on business blogging are great, so what’s stopping you?

YouTube marketing: How to Share Your Story

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? As the fastest growing video-sharing website in the world, YouTube provides great opportunities for sharing your business’s content. If your business is a franchise group, where your audience may be in many different locations, YouTube is an effective way to share content. Anyone, anywhere can make a simple video and upload it to YouTube—that’s the easy part. But if you want to make a real impact with your YouTube marketing efforts, we’ve outlined some tips to get you started.

The One Piece of Your Website Content that Will Build Customer Trust

To build trust with customers, they need to feel like they are dealing with an actual human. Having a place on your website that tells about you (the About Me page) is important to giving customers the feeling that they are dealing with real people—in fact it is the #1 trust-building piece that can lead them to partner with or buy from you. Does your website have a complete About Me page? Are you telling customers the information they need to feel they can trust you? Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction when you are writing your About Me page:

How Email Marketing Powers Your Social Media

Are you wondering if email marketing is no longer relevant? With the popularity of social media and blogs, you may be questioning whether email marketing is a useful tool in your business marketing strategy. The answer is yes, email marketing is still a great way to market and savvy marketers are keeping it in their toolbox as a way to build business. In fact, email is more powerful than ever. Why? Because email is a very direct and personal way to reach out to current and potential customers, and when you integrate email with social media you get marketing that is twice as effective (if not more) because you get more people spending more time with your brand.