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IMTS 2018: Experiencing the Miracle of Manufacturing

As an IMTS first-timer this year in 2018, I have to admit that the positive vibes were rather intoxicating. There was a “it’s a great time to be in manufacturing” feeling that permeated the show floor and the air around the event. The entire City of Chicago pulsed with it.
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Chad Adams Bio: VP Operations Cincinnati IT Consulting

If you watch Chad Adams during a morning “huddle” at the Intrust office, you won’t be surprised to learn that he officiates college football games in his off time. As one of our Cincinnati IT consulting leads and head of smooth operations, Chad is the guy who makes sure we are on our game. On an average day at the office, we might be running in 11 different directions; Chad is the man on the field who brings structure and sanity. That way, we don’t all hurt each other.

Back Spotfacing and Back Counterboring: BSF is a Proven Winner

Released in 2015, the BSF tool was HEULE's innovative answer to a growing demand in automated tools for back spotfacing and back counterboring applications. With the ultimate goal in mind to decrease cycle times, reduce labor, and improve the consistency of the finished holes for high-volume manufacturers using CNC machines, HEULE carefully designed the BSF tool to process bore edges in a single pass, eliminating the need to turn the workpiece.

Rebecca Moix, Controller | Cincinnati IT Services

If there is one person at the Intrust office who would insist we wear protective eyewear for the office nerf dart games, it would be Rebecca Moix, Intrust’s Financial Controller of Business Operations. And that’s not because she doesn’t want anyone to have fun. Absolutely not. Rebecca values the “work hard, play hard” attitude at Intrust just as much as “those geeky IT guys” she affectionately puts up with to earn her living. But what Rebecca brings to Intrust is a refined sense of judgment. “I

Daylight Savings: The Benefits of Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

Due to the many benefits of solar panels, the U.S. has seen an unprecedented rate of growth of solar power: are you ready to jump on the sunshine-driven bandwagon? Adding solar panels to your home can make it possible to save money doing what you need to do every day: cook dinner, do the laundry, heat and cool your home, turn on the lights. Solar energy creates energy at a greater rate than you use it, making it easy and convenient to reduce your carbon footprint.
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