Tracy Doyle, Commercial Photographer

My story as a photographer began as a child. I would stare at photographs on the pages of my Dad’s stack of National Geographic magazines. I remember leaping out of bed on snow days to capture the snowfall in the first rays of morning light. As a teenager, I invited friends to dress up as fashion models for “photo shoots”. Always I had in my mind the perfect moments I wanted to capture. What I wanted was to create photos that make you stop and think—beautiful, authentic moments. Photography is now a professional passion for me. After 15 years of assisting some of the best professionals in the business in both commercial and event photography, I started Tracy Doyle Photography. My photography business is about finding and capturing your stories in high-quality images. It’s about working with you to find the genuine stories in your world—who you are, what’s meaningful to you—and tell those stories through images. One of the professional rewards of being a photographer is working with creative people—an incredible professional team producing top quality work. I can assemble my own team or work with your team, depending on your needs. What remains important to me is dedication to excellence and artistic vision from start to completion—so your final images exceed your expectations. Do you have a vision in mind, a story to tell? I would love to collaborate on your next project.

Chad Adams, Vice President of Business Development at InTrust IT

If you watch Chad Adams during a morning “huddle” at the Intrust office, you won’t be surprised to learn that he officiates college football games in his off time. Chad is the guy who makes sure we are on our game. On an average day at the office, we might be running in 11 different directions; Chad is the man on the field who brings structure and sanity. That way, we don’t all hurt each other. And while football officials are the men we love to hate, Chad is the guy we love to love. He knows how to bring everyone together as a team, and he takes that role seriously. Having worked his way up through multiple positions at Intrust, Chad has legitimate empathy for his coworkers and the challenges they face. One of the most rewarding things to him about his job is seeing his coworkers do something remarkable and get recognized for it. When Chad sees someone from the Intrust team successfully do his job, he makes the sign for the crowd to go wild. Maybe it’s not a whole stadium of fans, but Chad makes sure we get a little love and appreciation now and then to keep the team spirit alive. No rookie to the IT field himself, Chad came to Intrust with 10 years of experience as an IT manager, some of that time spent calling the plays for a multi-million dollar construction company. With that kind of experience, Chad is valuable to our clients as a guy who “calls ‘em as he sees ‘em”—whether it is the best technological solution for a client’s business needs or what is economically in the client’s interest: these are the hard calls that Chad can be trusted to make. And does any of this stress him out? Hardly. This is a guy who has four (FOUR!) daughters to toughen him up. Working at Intrust is like Sunday touch football in the park. Easy-peasy.

Tim Rettig, President and CEO of Intrust IT

Intrust CEO Tim Rettig is a guy who knows how to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. Since Intrust first kicked off in 1992, while Tim was still a student in UC’s College of Engineering, he has been running with success down the IT field, bringing with him a team of loyal players to help keep the action moving at a fast pace. Like the soccer games he enjoys playing weekly in a men’s recreational league, Tim does not slow down for long and hardly ever stops. As a second generation technology entrepreneur, Tim was born with the desire to inspire change in the world and every day he plays toward this goal, finding and incorporating cutting-edge business practices that allow clients to use technology to share data and connect. Empowering clients is a goal that Tim leads the Intrust team toward, not only with a passion for the work, but with a passion for making the work enjoyable. Because aside from making the strategic moves necessary to make Intrust one of the fastest growing IT companies—scoring a spot on Inc 5000’s list of Fasting Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years—Tim is committed to making Intrust one of the most fun companies. Recently listed by as one of “10 CEO’s That Know How to Have Fun”, Tim’s sense of play at his work and attention to employee culture has landed Intrust a nomination for Cincinnati Business Courier’s “Best Places to Work” four years in a row. Moving fast forward since the day he began the company, Tim has grown from a student visionary to a self-assured CEO, but still plays the game with a youthful attitude, expecting his teammates to have a ball, too. His work philosophy? Enjoy all of it, have fun, laugh a lot--it’s good for business.

Kim Perry, Owner of Perry Payroll and Accounting

Money isn’t everything. Maybe that sounds strange coming from an accountant, but to me, simply having money isn’t the most important thing in life. I believe there is a difference between having money and having financial security. What I am about in my business is helping people create financial security. Why is financial security a strongly held value for me? Because, during my childhood, my parents struggled financially. I witnessed the strain on them and on our family first-hand. I want to to help my clients build security so fewer people suffer financially. Another strongly held value for me is using financial security to support education. I learned this value from the person I call my “biggest fan”. My fan watched me during my high school basketball career and encouraged me to go to college. To not just “plan” to do it, but to actually do it. With the financial help of this generous person, I was able to earn an Associate of Arts in Pre-Business from University of Cincinnati-Clermont, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northern Kentucky University, and a Master of Accounting from Kaplan University. People like my “biggest fan” have inspired me on my path to use my gifts to help others. I worked in a mid-sized CPA firm for ten years and learned real-world experience. With this experience, I decided to strike out on my own and I launched Perry Payroll and Accounting. For me, my own business brings more meaning to my work as an accountant. Owning a business gives me the opportunity to help my clients in a much deeper way than working for a large firm. The connections are deeper and I see people experiencing more financial security in their lives. That, to me, is success. Another success is having the financial security in my own life to reach out to others to be a mentor and leader in my community. I volunteer with my church and participate in a professionals group whose goal is to help battle the heroin epidemic in our communities. Also I have had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans with my church to help Habitat for Humanity build houses. I loved the opportunity to help those in need and plan to return on this mission trip next year. Paying it forward and creating a better world for everyone is a vision of success for me at Perry Payroll and Accounting. Get in touch with us and start creating your own vision of success for you, your family, your business, and our world.

Marc Reiter, Network Operations Center Manager at InTrust IT

When network issues are an obstacle to getting business done and clients are lost in a maze of technological dead-ends, NOC (Network Operations Center) Manager Marc Reiter is the guy we turn to find the way out of the wilderness. Since obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton, Marc has spent 20 years forging a path in the forest of information technology, collecting as he’s gone an impressive alphabet of certifications behind his name. A Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Enterprise Administrator, a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and a DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer (DCIE), Marc has a depth of knowledge that allows him to quickly identify the cause of issues, put together a plan and execute it. Surmounting obstacles and finding his way through difficult terrain are activities Marc likes to do in his off time, too. An off-road and rock-crawling enthusiast, Marc enjoys taking his 1973 Bronco to explore remote places across the country. The qualities that allow him to be successful in his hobby are also valuable in his work: determination and follow-through. Marc won’t allow anyone to stay stuck in network problems for long; he knows our clients have places to go and things to do. He will find a way around the fallen tree, across the creek, or over the hill of boulders that are standing in the way to successfully accomplishing the business of the day. At Intrust, Marc looks forward to new challenges every day, working in different environments, and exploring new technologies. Going into the office every day is like going into uncharted territory, an opportunity to use his skills to navigate the hills and valleys of the technology landscape and climb to a place where he can take in the view. But what makes it most rewarding to Marc is the fun and lively cast of interesting people that accompanies him: the Intrust team and our clients. In Marc’s version of “King of the Mountain”, there is room at the top for everyone…and he will give you a ride there in his Bronco.

Rebecca Moix, VP of Finance at InTrust IT

If there is one person at the Intrust office who would insist we wear protective eyewear for the office nerf dart games, it would be Rebecca Moix, Intrust’s Financial Controller of Business Operations. And that’s not because she doesn’t want anyone to have fun. Absolutely not. Rebecca values the “work hard, play hard” attitude at Intrust just as much as “those geeky IT guys” she affectionately puts up with to earn her living. But what Rebecca brings to Intrust is a refined sense of judgment. “I question and double-check things,” she admits, and that is something we are very grateful for. In our work, that means Rebecca keeps watch for any leaks that might put our financial ship in danger. In our play, that means Rebecca makes sure none of our crew loses an eye. Keeping the ship afloat is not an easy task, but one that Rebecca comes to naturally. With a degree in business and economics and over 20 years of experience as an accountant and financial analyst, including working as a CPA for Deloitte and Touche, she comfortably takes the helm and guides our way through both rough and calm waters, happily issuing instructions to the rest of us as we go. Rebecca is the one who holds the carrot of a paycheck in front of everyone’s noses while cracking the steady whip of professional reminders (Timesheets? Turn them in. Receipts? Keep them. Policies? Follow them.). Playing Captain of the Money Ship all day can be exhausting, so don’t be surprised if one of these days you wake up to find Rebecca has navigated the Intrust ship into harbor on the nearest tropical island. “I hate the winter cold,” she says, which is probably the one complaint Rebecca has about her job at Intrust: the Ohio location. She’d much prefer working on the beach, drinking Sangria—while wearing sunscreen, of course.